Leasing your property faster

First impressions count!

While we’ve all heard this saying before, it is especially true of when you are trying to attract quality tenants.


Here’s a few tips to ensure your property is presented at its best:

  • Tend to the gardens, mow the lawns, and clean the windows, paths, and gutters. Make sure any cobwebs are removed from the eaves.
  • Repair or replace any broken or dripping taps, sticking doors, loose door handles or hinges, leaky gutters, torn fly screens, broken light fittings, and make sure all the light globes are working.
  • Thinking about painting? Only paint those areas that really need it unless you plan on doing the lot. Fresh paint may only make those areas left unpainted look more noticeable. Use light, neutral colours.
  • Try to rid your property of any odours that people will notice such as cigarette or pet smells. It is worth having the carpets and curtains professionally cleaned which is not an expensive task, and ensures that the tenants must leave the curtains and carpets as clean as they were when they moved in.
  • Ensure that all electrical wiring and powerpoints are safe. This includes any electrical appliances that will be left in the property. Please note that if any appliances you choose to leave behind become faulty they must be repaired or replaced.
  • If your property is separately metered and you intend to pass on water usage to the tenant, you must employ a plumber to issue a water efficiency certificate. A.M. Rutty Coastal can organise this for you upon your instruction.
  • Make sure that the property is compliant with smoke alarm legislation. A.M. Rutty Coastal employ the services of a reputable company who will test your smoke alarms for an annual fee to ensure compliance is met.
  • Window locks, and blind/curtain cords must also be made compliant with safety legislation. Speak with your Property Manager to arrange any necessary action.
  • Ensure any swimming pool or spa has a valid certificate of compliance.
  • Take out landlord specific insurance on the property, and include public liability. These policies are generally tax deductable and are well worth the initial outlay. A.M. Rutty Coastal can put you in touch with reputable providers for your further information.


It is always in your best interest to maintain your property throughout a tenancy as well. Happy tenants mean longer term tenancies, which both minimises vacancies and maximises your rental return. Keep in mind all repairs are tax deductible. Maintaining your investment is smart investing.