Getting Fit on a Budget!

DID YOU KNOW… Australians spend more than $8.5 billion a year on gym memberships, fitness fads and equipment which works out to be around $2,340 per household! Surely there is a solution to this madness. Well, there is! You can still get fit and healthy without spending a cent with these few hot tips!

Make use of your local park.

Run laps, walk around, or get creative and make your own little fitness circuit suited perfectly for you and your fitness level! By doing this you are working out at your own pace and capability, you could even document yourself each week to see your improvement and challenge yourself comfortably. Many parks also have equipment built in you could also make use of.


Enjoy a hike.

There are many beautiful places especially here in Wollongong you can explore. All you have to do is google the closest national parks, mountains, lookouts or bush walks near you and enjoy exercising in a more exciting surrounding. Ask your friends to tag along, what a great way to catch up!


Join a social sporting team.

Joining a sporting team is definitely cheaper than a gym membership, it is also a great way to meet new friends and committing to a team will help you stay motivated on your fitness journey.


Outdoor Boot Camps.

Group training is certainly more interesting then by yourself in a gym. This is something you can get together with your friends and do as there is no lock in contract and the prices are much more flexible. You are instructed by a professional trainer and out in the open breathing fresh air.


Family Fun.

Keep up with your kids! Go outside on weekends or after school. Kick the ball around for at least 30 minutes, play games or take the dog for a walk.


Keeping fit and healthy without spending a whole lot of money is not impossible. You just need to use your imagination and do a bit of research. You can also download apps that are simple to follow and easy to use at home. If you still would like to join a gym, make sure you evaluate it based on it’s features such as opening hours, contract lengths, equipment and classes on offer and whether they have any extra joining or maintenance fees.